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       Digital Marketing is my career and I want this part also to my blog because I can share my learnings and updates which is currently changing every day this is a fast-changing field so many beginners can get benefitted from my learnings, sharings, updates, tips, trends, and strategy. My particular specialization areas are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click(PPC) finally should become a T-Shaped Digital Marketer.   

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       The Traditional Lifestyle and my tag are Stay Organic. I always remember how I grew up from my childhood to today. I grew up in a village, town, cities in various parts of my life and I realized many things that changed in my life very differently it all reflects in terms of traditional values, food habits, health-related issues, etc.. Many people have been this path to overcome all these things we can change slowly everything by adopting some traditional values and lifestyles in our modern lifestyle.

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            In Urban farming recently I got interested in this but I couldn’t start my setup and do involve in that by practicing how it works . I am from an agricultural background family so it’s a little easy process for me to start.  Nowadays in many cities, they have started doing urban farming because they came to know how long we can consume inorganic foods so they plan to grow up their own food for themselves like fresh products from their own farm to plate so that they can know how the food product is grown wether in an organic or inorganic way. If you grow organically you can trust that it’s really healthy food you’re consuming and you can lead a healthy, happy, long-living life.